Design Ideas
Fireplace Screens
Cast Iron Railings
    If you’re searching for something made of wrought iron, look no further than the
    selection here at Old Iron Forge. Our wrought iron creations are designed, forged,
    and hand made right here in our shop.
    Fabrication begins with the understanding that every project is unique and therefor
    will be custom made to meet or exceed your expectations. Designs are drafted in a
    CAD format to provide complete details and accuracy and will be presented to you.  
    After your approval, we will then start production using high quality materials. Our
    Scrolled Iron is forged hot by hand and then formed into shape by skilled craftsmen.
     We have a wide variety of designs to choose from.
    Click on any one of the thumbnails below to view our extensive library of designs.
    Then click on the design to see a larger image.